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May 29, 2020

Quien Soy: Introduccion | Pastor Tito Moreira & Bro Marcial Tapia


Who Am I?
Date Of Service:

May 29, 2020


The devil desires to steal your identity with the purpose of marring and destroying who you really are.  While your sinning you’re running from your true identity and purpose in this life.  His goal is to destroy your reputation that you would never obtain your identity in Jesus Christ. | El diablo desea robar su identidad con el propósito de estropear y destruir lo que realmente es. Mientras pecas, estás huyendo de tu verdadera identidad y propósito en esta vida. Su objetivo es destruir su reputación de que nunca obtendría su identidad en Jesucristo.

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You were made for way more than you think.. Don’t let anyone or anything take that away from you. | Fuistes hecho para mucho mas de lo que piensas. No dejes que nada ni nadie te lo quite.

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We are returning to what we were before | Estamos regresando a los eramos antes

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