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Spiritual Warfare

We are fighting a spiritual war. Not against flesh or blood but against principalities.


When your in the Christian walk it seems as though you begin to faint. The battle gets intense leaving you exhausted and without strength. We fall to our knees and it seems like it’s all over. It’s at that moment when you should cry out to The Lord! Prayer changes your circumstances and brings you new strength. Prayer is the weapon that will give us the victory. En el caminar Cristiano ay veces que siente uno desmayar. La batalla se pone intensa y queda uno agotado y sin fuerzas. Caemos de rodillas y parece que todo a terminado. Es en ese momento donde deve de clamar a Dios. La oración cambia sus circunstancias y renueva sus fuerzas. La oracion es la arma que le dara la victoria.

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Identify yourself in your day. Who you truly are and who God wants you to be. Identifícate en tu día. Quién eres realmente y quién Dios quiere que seas.

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We are living in a time where our warfare is being fought in the 4th dimension. Estamos viviendo en el tiempo cuando nuestras guerras se están peleando en la cuarta dimension.

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El mundo esta gritando, pero para los hijo de Dios hay victoria! The world is screaming, but there's victory for the children of God!

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Have you asked your self this question? " Can these bones be broken and rebuilt?"

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